Guardhouse/Museum of local history

The guardhouse (Wachthäuschen), one of the oldest structures in Kuhardt, is located on the main street beside the village hall (Gemeindehaus) and is connected directly to the latter’s courtyard.

The building’s front room, which is adjacent to the main street, is where nightwatchmen used to be stationed.

The building was reconstructed back in 1985 with a view to establishing a museum of local history that would also contain the guardhouse. Accordingly, the room at the front was reconstructed and furnished as a guardhouse area just as it would have looked towards the end of the 19th century. When the museum was set up, the rear of the building was used to house an exhibition of farming implements and tools. This means that the guardhouse is now part of the museum of local history in Kuhardt.

According to the state office for the preservation of monuments, the guardhouse is a classical building that dates back to 1835. In its individual forms – particularly the façade overlooking the main street – it is reminiscent of ancient temple architecture, or rather of the shape of an Antae temple.

The museum itself, which is housed in the village hall, is also well worth a visit. As well as household and farming implements, tools from brick production, tobacco growing and many other different professions are on display. The comprehensive exhibition is rounded off by a classroom, kitchen and bedroom from former times.

Hauptstr. 1
76773 Kuhardt
Tel.: +49 (0)72 72 / 83 18
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