The Way of St. James

It is not only since the publication of Harpe Kerkeling’s book “Ich bin dann mal weg…” that people head for Santiago de Compostela in Spain, the city of St. James. A part of this widely ramified European net of historic pilgrimage routes also crosses the administrative district of Rülzheim. The route, which goes through Rülzheim and Hördt, is marked with a white shell on blue background. While medieval people were looking for salvation and absolution, today’s pilgrims have rather spiritual, religious, cultural and sportive motives. A well-preserved wall of the former Augustinian monastery in Hördt is an outstanding example of medieval architecture along the route. A shell inserted in the floor of the town-hall courtyard alludes to this historic sight. The statue of holy Nepomuk near the bridge over the Klingbach is a relict of the Augustinians and used to be the rough centre of the monastery.



track info:

Length:        ca. 12 km
Duration: ca. 3 Stunden
Slope: 8 m
Start/End variable Einstiegsmöglichkeiten


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