Furry friends are always worth a visit

Even if you don´t spend your family holiday on a farm, you can still have an audience with many native animals at the idyllic Petting zoo. Rabbits and ponies are particularly popular among children.
With sheep and goats, you never know what mood they are in. Ferrets, peacocks, geese and ducks are all well worth observing. 
And you will also have fun with the nosy goats, watching the sheep getting shornand getting a closelook at the life of the animals in and around their barns, stalls and pens...neighing, meowing, bleating and croaking.

Pettingzoo with club restaurant
Open all year around
10 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day except Tuesdays
Kleintierzuchtverein P 111 Ruelzheim e.V.
Am See 7
76761 Rülzheim