Art and Culture

Numerous exhibitions by local artists, events and festivals make cultural life a diversified potpourri of zeitgeist and modernity.  
The cultural diversity chosen by the municipalities attracts visitors from near and far.
Visit our village festivals, get fascinated by artful costumes and admire the gorgeous parades accompanied by diverse musical sounds.
“Raise the curtain” for our rural folk theatres and cabaret stages which provide you with many unforgettably pleasurable hours.

Have a good time!

Tradition and History

In the municipalities of Hördt, Kuhardt, Leimersheim and Rülzheim, evidences of a changeful history are to be found. Many exhibits from different eras, especially from the time when the Romans were in the Palatinate, are on display at the Historical Museum of the Palatinate in Speyer.
Our museums of local history in Kuhardt and Leimersheim allow a vivid access to Palatine history which is characterized by agriculture and fishing.
Or would you like to go to school as they did in grandma’s times? If so, visit our historic classroom.  
The realistic arrangement of old living quarters gives the impression that the residents have just left the rooms.
Many fitments are preserved originals, like e.g. a bread-baking oven which is still used today according to the old custom when there is a festival.