Africa in the Southern Palatinate

“No doubt – Africa” murmur experts on the southern continent when looking at photos of the ostrich farm “Mhou”. But this Africa is not to be found beyond the Mediterranean Sea, but in Rülzheim in the jungle of the Rheinaue wetlands.
In Germany’s largest ostrich breeding farm led by Uschi Braun and Christoph Kistner, there lives the world’s tallest ostrich on about 130 000 square kilometres almost like in open nature. When taking a walk on the farm, the visitors will see fascinating animals in a lushy green landscape and spacious enclosures where the ostriches of Rülzheim can graze year-round whenever they want to and where they raise their offspring when they have bred themselves at the end of the season. However, most of the chicks hatching out on the “Mhou” farm every year are bred by most modern machines till late summer and then the farmers take care of them. This is a fascinating sight, too.
The basis for the success is the philosophy of “Mhou”: only those animals leading an easygoing and happy life can guarantee products of excellent quality. Meanwhile, “Mhou” is a popular destination for people who appreciate nature and who like special things: In the farm store with its individual and inviting ambience, you can find healthy lean meat and delicacies, fluffy feathers, warming lamps for eggs, unique arts and crafts from three continents, helpful balm for problematic skin, elegant leather goods of top designers from Munich and Rome…
….Thus, for fans of ostrich leather, the “Mhou” farm is not an insider tip any more.