Welcome to our fitness and wellness region

To experience the administrative district of Rülzheim with its attractive municipalities of Hördt, Kuhardt, Leimersheim and Rülzheim, means to get to know the Palatine hospitality in all its different varieties, to relax and to feel good. This region is a unique holiday destination because of its central position in the heart of the southern Palatinate between Baden and the nearby Alsace.

Amidst the magnificent landscape of meadows and forests near the Rhine, you can find a paradise for aquatic athletes, cyclists, hikers and people who are fond of Nordic walking.

Attend events with a special atmosphere. The multitude of cultural offers concerning music, theatre, cabaret and exhibitions will certainly surprise you.

Let your palate enjoy the delicious culinary food of our region.
We invite you to be active, to have fun and to feel good. Enjoy exciting holidays in the southern Palatinate.

We look forward to meeting you!