Germany's very own Tuscany

Along the Rhine, the Südpfalz enjoys a mild climate with moderate rainfall all year round. The annual average temperature is usually around 10 degrees Celsius, while the total rainfall is estimated as being between 650 and 700 litres per square metre.

In recent years, possibly owing to the climate change, winters here have been very mild, with high rainfall in some cases. Severe frost, heavy snowfall and ice are all very much the exception. From April onwards, the spring weather takes a summery turn, with temperatures occasionally rising as high as 30 degrees. At the same time, however, rainfall can be said to be average. The nights in spring are also quite mild, with frost making only a very rare appearance.

Summer in the south west of Germany tends to be hot, with temperatures reaching 30 and 35 degrees Celsius at times. While the weather is generally clement, it can also be as changeable as in other regions of Germany. The meteorological autumn is characterised by very mild and often warm weather.